AMEN - 8 / 12 / 2019

A multi-sensory exhibition created by Robberto and Milena Atzori. In the show, the visitor is introduced into the process of creation, investigating how suggestions and personal attitudes melt together giving life to objects.

"All individual fragments seem solitary but when we take a closer look or maybe take a step back,
we can see that everything is interconnected.
Only when we accept that we are lost everything will be revealed".

The show is based on the physical journey of the viewer, entering through a small door, searching his way in the dark labyrinth, getting lost in the installations that he finds along the path.
The suspense will lead him to the final section where the “searcher” will finally discover the overpowering dimension of the space itself, that until that moment was hidden, revealing everything itself and everything it holds at once, the works, objects, structures, sculptures and found stuff that constitutes the final act, a Wunderkammer created as the final set design for the former recording studio, giving its final “light” to the space that host the exhibition. A M E N.

Robberto & Milena Atzori is an artistic duo that spaces from embroidery, to sculpture passing through paintings and installations.
They've worked for two years, researching and developing a project that can lead the viewer into a deep understanding of their aesthetic, which waves between spiritual meanings and symbolic contents.