The Circle Project - 6 / 12 / 2019

Screening of work in progress by our last resident Hanna Hovitie.

This is an extra-muros event hosted by our offspring/friends at DOM.
DOM is a new venue and workspace in Molenbeek.
Adress can be found on

Place: Two-dimensional space. Time: Not applicable.

Short synopsis:
“I suffer from space anxiety. I have diagnosed it myself. The symptom is an inability to look into infinity. If I can’t see to the end of things, I get this strange feeling. Actually it’s a physical sickening. Space looks infinite because it’s dark. It’s dark because most of the universe is empty and the light from distant stars has not reached us. So maybe the space anxiety is just a more elegant concept for a fear of darkness.”

Square the Circle is a little round film about the shape of a circle, and simultaneously a light hearted, essayistic self-portrait of the filmmaker.

Technical info:
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 13min
Country: Belgium, Finland
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English