A Woman Calls Back

25 / 06 / 2016 _ 18:00

She lets go of her coat and throws herself towards the telephone.
The coat hinders her, she kicks it out of the way.
She picks up the receiver.


A WOMAN CALLS BACK is a homage to the pathology of love as a losing game, where female performances from film and music are appropriated to fit a larger phenomenological narrative exhibited at the Wolke residency.
Inspired by the TV-play by Jean Cocteau, La voix Humaine (with Ingrid Bergman), where the story of a rejected and emotionally damaged woman plays out a frantic monologue with only a phone in an hotel room, a cinematic remake became the starting point to investigate behaviour related to the female psyche undergoing suffering, loss and longing.
In this project Louise Jacobs has attempted to interpret and adapt sentimental performances from cinema and music into one event, in which stage driven references to the woman in distress as a phenomena is socially and culturally defined by romantic relationships and their biproduced psychologies.