Almost Fiction


Saturday 29 / 10 / 2016
14:00 till later Almost Fiction installation + Open Studios + Marble track + Disposición Asoleada + Weird Dust
17:00 PSFAB presents Architecture & Origami : Form to Structure
20:00 Cabaret Express Minute by Boîte à Clous
21:45 L.T.D.M.S. concert


Almost Fiction
by Samatha Rees / resident #9

We might advert disaster by moving to another planet.
Nobody knows what this future will look like, but with fantasy and imagination we can perhaps scratch its surface to define its possibilities. 'Almost Fiction' is an attempt to depict a merging between real and non-real.
The installation will be accompanied by concerts by Weird Dust and Disposición Asoleada


Aside from presenting Samantha's project, Wolke invited all those working in our building to join. The result is a non curated display of different media and practices ranging from sound to painting, performances to ceramics and more.

Open Studios |
With work by with Magda Amarioarei, Gerd Claes, Veronica de Giovanelli, Emiliano Deferrari, Koen Moerenhout, Antoine Orand, Davide Serpetti, Jan Verbruggen and more.

Marble Track | interactive installation (with RHoK & KAE)
Students of a primary school in the neighborhood were invited to work for two weeks in Wolke’s public space.They built the Marble Track of their dreams, an interactive installation.

Architecture & Origami : Form to Structure | a class by Dewi Brunet (with PSFAB)
Cross-cutting opportunities given by our complex contemporary world are numerous. These drive disciplines such as architecture to reach out for inspiration from various sources - among which origami. New concepts of kinetic, reversible, or adaptive architectures have been developing, drawing from precise and calculated gestures first imagined and devised through paper folding. The discipline of origami brings structural principles to the forefront.

Da Terra Ao Astral | Photographic installation by Bruno Michelet

Cabaret Express Minute | cabaret by Boîte à Clous
Actually, nobody knows what they're up to.

L.T.D.M.S | concert
Born on the ashes of The Trucks, a punk-rock band, L.T.D.M.S. is a belgian band hailing from Brussels and Ciney. Sharp guitars are softened by flute and xylophone on a stage they try to 'own' by installing for TV's, projectors or filtered lights.